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Pensonic Nutrition Blender | PNB-2

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8-Cutter Blades + Grinder

Seizing your appetite, perfectly blended juices are easily absorbed by your body

DC Motor
Extremely low noise and low vibration but with even greater power
(Permanent Magnet DC Motor with only 3,000RPM)

Faucet type spout, easier to get fruits and vegetables juice

Circular Grinding
Ingredients would be cutting and grinding, then through the circulating pipe back to cup for multiple circular grinding, that the juice taste more delicate and exquisite

Aqua Orbitube
Your blended fruits, nuts or vegetables will grind and circulate around the jug to provide you more delicate and exquisite juice blending experience

BPA Free
Able to withstand temperature up to 109 degree Celsius, prevent your beverages from being contaminated
Eco-friendly, Energy-saving and Carbon-reduction



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